About UK Here We Grow

UK Here We Grow has been educating gardeners for 9 years, Originally named Tony's Allotment it was rebranded in September of 2015. The founder Tony O'Neill originally started a YouTube channel in order to document his progress throughout the growing year and have somewhere to store it.

As he started to upload video's he gained subscribers to his channel without even realising what was happening. Things quickly grew and Tony decided that there must be a lot of people out there who could benefit from his and others experience. Tony's Allotment became UK Here We Grow (UKHWG) in order to create a brand that people could relate with


UKHWG was born on September 1st, 2015 and Tony started to build a social network around his YouTube channel, Everything was built in order to educate the amateur gardener.

The social platform started with Facebook and Tony started the UKHWG facebook group and Facebook Page which brings together gardeners of all experience and age in order to chat, help each other and show their accomplishments and challenges.

Facebook continued to grow and other groups were created UK Here We Cook, Garden Bargains and Discount Codes were set up in order to make the UKHWG brand a one stop shop.

As the network grew, Tony decided he needed help in which to run all the Facebook groups, he had seen many other groups being bombarded with adverts and sales companies, Tony wanted to avoid this at all costs and ensure the groups and page were being used for what he had intended them to be. (A learning platform).

Tony took on an admin team and although initially it took a while to find the right people to help, a team of individual gardeners was selected and brought into the fold. This team now free up the time for Tony to move on to the next phase of the network. Which was to open other social accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+ have all now joined the network.

In 2016, Tony wanted to build the network further and an informational newsletter was formed. The list built quickly and now the newsletter goes out to over 41,000 people each month. This covers topics like jobs to do for the month, news, articles and cooking guides along with any competitions that are being run.

Towards the end of 2016, Tony added the facebook group Gardening Worldwide to the UKHWG family to stretch out a hand to other countries. The Facebook admin team are based all over the globe so it only seemed right that this group was made part of the family.

In June of 2017, Tony added Patreon to the network in order for members to help fund the on going costs. Patreon allows members to help by funding as little as $1 to help with the upkeep of this brilliant information network. Members are not expected to donate, However, Some members have asked over recent months if there was a way to financially support the UKHWG network. Patreon was Tony's answer to this request. Rather than members just giving money to help fund the network, Tony created some rather unique benefits.

So, now you know a little about how, why and when the UKHWG brand was formed, and by who. This website is the second version of the UKHWG website. It will be an ongoing and ever building source of information and the hub that holds all of the other social platforms together. Please take a look around and keep coming back for updates as we can find the time to add them.