Jobs To Do In December


The cold has definitely kicked in this month. Typically December is a dark damp month and most gardens and plots are looking very bare and dank.  Harvest is still coming though but it is now that we need to be finishing those little jobs we been putting off.


It is a perfect time to get into your garden shed and give them a good old clean out. Clean and sharpen all your tools, and wash all your trays and plant pots.

Usually, most folks tend to forget their gardens and plots this month as Christmas takes over. Preparations for this holiday seem to last all month. If you have some time spare there are still things you can be doing at the plot.

Jobs To Do Now

  • Tidy the Shed
  • Clean, sharpen and oil your tools
  • Check stored summer bulbs for signs of rot
  • Harvest winter veg and parsnips
  • Prevent your ponds from freezing
  • Fix any structures that require it
  • clean tidy paths
  • mulch beds with compost or manures
  • Plant bare root trees
  • Clear borders
  • Prepare cold frames
  • Plant amaryllis bulbs
  • Order Seed Catalogs
  • Move containers to a sheltered spot
  • Prune Roses
  • Remove any dead leaves resting on plants
  • Feed Birds through winter
  • Throw any seeds that are out of date and order more
bare root tree
  • Continue making leaf mould
  • Insulate outside taps
  • Remove dead material from plants
  • Take hardwood cuttings
  • Wrap up patio pots
  • Do the last mow of your lawn
  • Assess how your compost is doing
  • Preserve your supports
  • Protect winter crops from pigeons
  • Dig a Bean trench and fill it with all your waste
  • Check stored fruit
  • Insulate your greenhouse

As you can see There is still plenty to be getting on with throughout December. Don't forget to tune in and Subscribe to our YouTube channel we will still be producing weekly videos and have fantastic chats on the Facebook groups.