Jobs To Do In February


Typically February is the coldest month of the year, However, this year in the UK is totally out of the norm. With temperatures bouncing between -4 and 12 degrees C, we don't know where we are as far as gardening.  We have seen spring bulbs coming up in December, so even the plants are confused this year.


But after the wet winter, we have had, there is still plenty to do outside in the garden or plot.  Time to get that digging done that you were unable to do with the ground being soaked.

Repair any damage recent storms have done and the best bit starts sowing the seed we been waiting for.

Those little seeds are the promise of better things to come, but if you don't sow now you can't reap later

Jobs To Do Now

  • Cut Clematis down to size
  • Be careful not to tread on spring bulbs as they pop their heads through the soil
  • Cut back dogwood
  • Plant bare root roses
  • Take root cuttings
  • Cut down faded grass
  • Sow chillies, pepper, tomatoes, parsnip carrots
  • Sow lettuce brassicas
  • Pot up plug plants
West Oaks SILC, Boston Spa and their visit to Leeds City Council Parks and Countryside Nursery, March 2011
  • Finish cleaning seed trays and pots
  • keep off the frosty grass
  • place nest boxes for birds to nest in the spring
  • clear away old climbers
  • Look after your tools as this is typically the time of year sheds get broken into
  • Check tree stakes for all your trees
  • Get your cloche's ready
  • Prune fruit canes
  • Force rhubarb
  • Feed trees with high potash fertiliser
  • Chit your seed potatoes
  • Make a hedgehog haven
  • Prepare your greenhouse
  • Set up lights for indoor growing
  • Make a 100hr candle (see our You Tube channel)
  • Sow Leeks
  • Mulch beds with manure

Lots to still be doing this month. Get yourself out there and burn off the few pounds you gained over the festive periods. Hope you had a fantastic New Year, Prepare now and get ready for a productive and fruitful 2018