Jobs To Do In January


It's been a very strange year weather wise. December saw unusually high temperatures throwing everything out of order. People reporting spring bulbs flowering and trees budding, However, temperatures are slowly dropping and everything should reset shortly.

It is a perfect time to get all those gardening jobs up to date after the festivities of Christmas and New Year.  Although January typically is a cold month there is still tons to do, and the sowing Calendar has started.

I hope that you have all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Now is the time to burn some of that energy you have been saving, So get your boots and coat on, brave the weather and get the jobs below sorted.

jan 2

Jobs To Do Now

  • Move Containers Of Vulnerable Plants into a sheltered spot or greenhouse.
  • Prune or tidy climbers
  • Cut back grasses
  • Dead head winter pansies
  • Trim unwanted suckers from the base of trees
  • Take hard wood cutting
  • Prune Wisteria, cut all side shoots back to 5cm
  • Move shrubs and bushes
  • Mulch Plants such as Gunnera with Straw to prevent frost       damage
  • Refresh compost in permanent pots
  • Plant Snowdrops
  • Prune Grapevines
  • Bring Strawberries inside to force early crops
  • Sow hardy annuals
  • Sow Chilli, Leeks, and Onions
  • Take Chrysanthemum cuttings
  • Make sure garden birds have access to clean fresh water
  • Get your propagation equipment ready
  • Sort out your seeds and order replacements
  • Get greenhouse heaters ready
  • Recycle your Christmas tree
  • Check crops and bulbs you have in store
  • Keep off frozen grass
  • Oil your tools
  • Finish digging over beds
  • Remove old fig stems
  • Plant bare root trees
  • Feed birds through cold weather
  • Sow Broad beans
  • Pick off  yellowing brassica leaves
  • Cover Rhubarb to force early crops
  • Prune redcurrant, blackcurrant and gooseberries
jan 3
bare root tree

Lots to still be doing this month. Get yourself out there and burn off the few pounds you gained over the festive periods. Hope you had a fantastic New Year, Prepare now and get ready for a productive and fruitful 2018