Autumn has arrived in all it's glory. This brings to an end another challenging year with huge rain storms and very dry weather the garden hasn't known whether it's coming or going.  This month it's time to start thinking of planting bulbs, those little tubers will bring so much

Jobs To Do In October

colour in spring and beyond.  Before the end of this month, it is very likely that there will be a frost,  This is the time of year where the leaves turn golden and the season changes.

However, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the garden. This is the month you should start preparing your allotment in preparation for winter, getting it dug or weeded ready for next spring.

What To Do Now

  • It's bulb planting time
  • Plant tulips in pots
  • Nip diseases in the bud by removing decaying leaves
  • Tidy border perennials
  • Plant spring wallflowers
  • Look out for rust on leaves
  • Keep dahlias for next year
  • Divide congested perennials
  • Bring tender plants inside
  • Collect seed from annuals
  • Grow bare root plants now
  • Stop watering begonias
  • Remove all shading and netting
  • Look out for pests coming inside on pots
  • Bring tender herbs under cover
  • Plant winter salad
Gardener's gloved hand pulling a large organic beetroot up from the vegetable patch.
  • Check heaters and heated benches
  • Insulate your greenhouse
  • Pick chillies to dry and store
  • Pot up amaryllis
  • Plant hardy cyclamen
  • Bring peaches indoors
  • Bring Citris indoors
  • Keep watering house plants
  • Sow early sweet peas
  • Sow garlic
  • Replant strawberry runners
  • Harvest pears
  • Ripen the last tomatoes
  • Lift and store beetroot
  • Cut away fruited canes from blackberries
  • Rake up moss and thatch
  • Improve lawn drainage
  • Top dress your turf
  • Trim edges for the final touch
  • Protect your worm bin
  • Clean pots and trays
  • Protect your old tools